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Web Link Hits, the Freedom Center’s online magazine, features some of America’s most provocative writers and analysts. Their commentary captures the turbulence of the daily news and provides a perspective on the crucial events affecting the nation and the world.
David Horowitz Freedom Center
The Mission of the David Horowitz Freedom Center is to defend America's free society through educating the public to preserve traditional constitutional values of:

* Individual Freedom
* Rule of Law
* Private Property
* Limited Government

“If to be free is the most important goal of all, then to help someone else to be or to become free must be the most sublime and rewarding of human endeavors.”
—Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate
Terrorism Awareness Project
This Project will provide conservative students with an intellectual toolkit containing all the elements of the truth about jihad.
Students for Academic Freedom
The Students for Academic Freedom Information Center is a clearing house and communications center for a national coalition of student organizations whose goal is to end the political abuse of the university and to restore integrity to the academic mission as a disinterested pursuit of knowledge.
1612 is an online encyclopedia of the political left and its intricate interconnections. DTN is a model for understanding how the left operates in our society, and how the networks it has created have penetrated our philanthropic, educational, and religious institutions.
Jihadwatch, edited by Robert Spencer, traces the efforts of Islamic radicals to subvert Western institutions and civic life and ultimately to subordinate the West within a Muslim dominated world. It provides a unique vantage point for understanding the worldview of radical Islam.